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Wednesday, May 28th 2014, 4:42pm

Clan Section Rules

The Clans rules are now as follows:

1. Thread Title

  • The prefix of the Clan (server)
  • Clan name and tag

2. Information in thread

  • Name of the clan
  • Tag of the clan
  • Link of the clan, ingame
  • Number of members in the clan
  • Total booty (blood or meat)
  • Website (if you have one)
  • Contact persons (Clan Master, and Clan Admin) ingame and on board

3. Use specified servers for clan advertisement. Do not post for a seperate servers in your clan thread. You must post in each server your clan is in.

4. This area is for clan business, all posts in it require you to select a tag for each thread title, the tags
are as follows :

  • Family founding
  • Pack formation
  • Recruitment
  • Announcing (a new clan)
  • Advertising (an existing clan is open for people to join, or a clan decision for Fangs-for-Hire)

5. Limit of ONE (1) recruitment thread per clan, please. Feel free to bump it occasionally, but more
than one post per day with the intent of keeping the thread bumped will be treated as spam and warned on.

  • Posting things with less then 4 words is spamming.
  • Posting non-thread topic stuff is spamming.
  • Posting repeatedly back to back, or within a certain time frame.
  • Posting more than 5 emoticons.

6. The three tags mean the same but are flavored for which type of clan you wish to form – in order they’re - Vampire, Werewolf or Mixed (Don't forget to include in your title). Posting of links to external sites hosting your clan forum is allowed in here, as well but will be removed if the link is found to have "Questionable" material in it.

7. Fangs for hire - For setting up bounty hunter groups or contacts

8. Clans may be of any name as long as the name is not profane or insulting in nature and also must be in English (sorry, but if we do not understand the name we will simply shut the thread down. You may be able to tell us what it means in your language of choice but we only have your word for it).

This is NOT the spamboard! Keep your threads on track and please limit what you are saying to keep in track with the tag for the thread.

In all cases the Moderators decision is to be abided by, any complaints should be taken up with their listed superior through PM's only.

Notice: With these rules, main Board Rules applies, too.