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Creatures of the night,

Forests and cities are full of blood, gore and violence... Creatures are trying to hunt everyone down! Thus, we're trying to find one of you willing to help us patrol those, along with helping us operating the game!

If you want to become a Game Operator, now you it is your chance! Visit our thread GO Applications for more information.


Saturday, March 3rd 2018, 10:57pm

Profile Pictures

Hello guys , im not a new player on bitefight i literally play since the begining just changed alot of servers , realms etc...
I really love this game since its nostalgic for me from the last time , i love the improvement you've done on the servers , gameplay but the game has one very big Minus , can we PLEASE get back the old profile pictures based on the chest armour we have , since it gets boring because of you doing everytime the same at least it would be some joy of seeing in another armor , Please think about it! regards <3


Monday, April 9th 2018, 6:00pm

Pictures of armor

:( looks like its end of story for that cool pictures