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Wednesday, March 14th 2018, 3:54pm

GO Applications - Closed

Dear community,

The BiteFight US Game Team is looking for new Game Operators to join their ranks. If you are interested, continue reading!

- Being over 18 years old due to legal issues.
- Speaking and writing English on a good level is a must.
- Having a considerable amount of time to offer daily to the job.
- Being able to sign a legal document.
- Enough game and rules experience to be able to actually help people.
- Accepting positive feedback and criticism from other members of the team, while being able to successfully being part of it.
- Being able to use IRC chats (most of our communication is done through IRC).

While previous experiencie as Game Operator in BiteFight or other games is a plus, this is not mandatory.

You must send your application to: with the subject: "GO Application - Your Nickname" (for example: GO Application - Senakhtenre) and providing us the following information:
Your full name:
Date of Birth:
Your board name:
In which servers do you play? Tell us your ingame name as well:
Have you played other Gameforge games? Which ones?:
Are you in other Gameforge teams? Do you have previous experience in other Gameforge teams? Which ones?:
Have you ever been banned? If so, for what reason?:
Tell us in 250 words (it's mandatory) a brief text about yourself (What motivates you to apply, why we should hire you, team experiencie, etc)

If you are interested in being part of the Game Team you are welcome to apply. Every complete application will be answered. Please take note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Good luck with your application!

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